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My first love

remember love when very young.
After graduating from middle school, I entered a chemical plant in Shanghai, a child left on the society of the future life is not the slightest idea.
Now think of it, then those who are overweight physical activity, for a teenager, it should be a punishment for it, Who he did not study it in school.
as head of the reasons for it, I was assigned to the section, the whole plant should be the maximum intensity of the work place. Leaders talked to me heart, that you child is essentially good, first doing the most difficult places, outperforming League let you go to work.
So, I'll be happy to Pidianpidian go.
working time is "three shifts", that is, three days early morning, three days night rest day, and then three days afternoon classes, the nature of work is waving iron shovel mud, pulling labor car, one day dry down, the whole person is black, like coal miners.
but I still can sustain over the wound.
Maybe it is the young, to finish these activities, I have energy hanging around everywhere, a workshop to look for a child to play with their peers.
until you come to three workshops, I saw her, I walk way.
She called Xiaoqing, very thin but beautiful, clothes to wear on her open enough to be magic.
She put a natural curly hair tucked in the hat, back of the head like a long one package.
Every day, I saw the back of the head on a long "package" of people, my heart just like deer rattling, she and I turned three classes of the time is the same, looking for a chance, we know.
Since then, every day I live as long as a finish his, looking for me, then we have to go three shop.
I lithe appeared in the Xiaoqing job, help her to open the valve, closed pipes, cast materials, copy data, punch, buy lunch, there is pick her up from work.
At the time I was a child do not understand anything, but seems to have been her boyfriend's identity itself up.
Xiaoqing singing was very good, the dough gently, very sort Teresa charm.
every night, work was done, we sat on the platform boiler, I gave her some inexplicable ghost stories, hoping she would scared to hide my arms, but she was always smiling listen to me finished.
And I was extremely rich imagination of people, talking and talking, but added my own will often be scared half to death scenes portray themselves.
happiest winter time, we sat on the edge of the boiler, the numb with cold feet resting on the furnace wall heating. Then I'll ask Xiaoqing sing to me, her gentle voice in the clear winter night there is a pure, dark red fire reflected in her face,cheap tiffany necklace, twinkling, her long lashes his eyes are so crystal clear.
At that time, I think she is so beautiful.
her singing well, and soon made a name in the factory. Every day I stepped out her bike to work, her tiny hand around my waist, I feel good and face ah.
This year, the Bureau of Chemical engage theatrical festival, she is a factory representative. As Huhuashizhe, I accompany her to Shanghai Workers Cultural Palace, she chose a Teresa Teng's songs come to play.
At that time, I was a Lengxiao Zi, fully understand sing every day begged her to the side of the boiler I sing that song, her voice is undoubtedly the sounds of nature for me ah.
game that day, so she finished singing, the audience applause. Xiaoqing to sit down beside me, she asked me with his eyes, how? I shook her thumbs, because I think she great!
her hand tightly hooked on my hands.
we are quietly sitting in the audience watching others game, nobody spoke, just grasping tight.
workers game, what performances are, singing, dancing, comic, comedy. I think it plays quite good, and this feeling has been maintained to a good Mao Amin appearance.
It was ten years ago, and I still vividly remembered the scene that day.
Until today, I have not seen what a singer can stage so dazzling.
Mao Amin a loud, put all of them to quell.
her sing on stage, other people suddenly fall into the street performers juggling a stall. Her body seemed to have an aura, she sings, the entire aura has been shrouded in her, people can not look directly at her.
I sat there and Xiaoqing, cold hands and feet.
go back, we were a little dingy. Xiaoqing leaning on my shoulder and gently said: am I going to sing like her ah?



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